I Get Rye With a Little Help From My Friends | Bruce Y. Lee

February 24, 2015 6:19 PM

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I Get Rye With a Little Help From My Friends | Bruce Y. Lee

When I was in elementary school, lasagna was a prominent part of my life. Two of my childhood friends had families who frequently cooked lasagna. But when we reached middle school, these childhood friends were no longer in my social circle so neither was lasagna. As my social circles changed, so did my food. During college, I hung out with pizza, cheeseburger, tacos, and soda. I didn't meet sushi until medical school. Similarly, medical school brought me in touch with shawarma and spinach pie. Ramen lived around the corner and visited heavily when we were studying for our medical board exams. Those years also brought crabs... the crustaceans, that is.

What you eat may depend heavily on who your friends are. Think your food choices aren't influenced by those around you? Try constructing a food social map that tracks your friends, what they eat, and what you eat over time. How different is what you eat compared to what your friends eat? Do your fin...

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