'Get Hard' Is Hilariously Offensive With A Point

March 27, 2015 12:30 PM

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I try to be up front in my reviews about my expectations going into films, including any biases or assumptions I bring with me into the theater. So let me tell you now that I went into the screening of the new Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard with a strong assumption I’d be offended and having to write yet another review denouncing the use of rape jokes that mock rape victims and that portray the act of rape itself as a source of humor. And have no doubt, this film is crude, intentionally pushes people’s buttons, and many viewers will probably feel the humor is too offensive (without a doubt, it’s frequently offensive, the question is in what way). I understand all of those reactions. But I also feel they are misreading the film, and missing some crucial satire and the targeting of social attitudes and assumptions for mockery in a way that subverts the typical approach of using these topics to elicit merely simplistic appreciation from audiences.

Get Hard not only a lot smarter than you think, but also Will Ferrell’s funniest film since 2008′s Step Brothers (not counting his cameos and small walk-on parts in several films over the last few years) and Kevin Hart’s best performance on screen so far, as well as Ferrell’s best performance of any...

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