How To Get Away With Murder 2015 Recap: Episode 11 – Best Christmas Ever

February 6, 2015 4:26 AM

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Last week on How To Get Away With Murder 2015, we watched as all of Annalise’s students were questioned in the disappearance of Sam. We also watched as the charges against Rebecca for killing Lila were dropped because Annalise was able to find evidence that Sam was involved. If you missed last week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder 2015, check out my recap right here!Now, Sam’s sister is in town and looking to prove the theory wrong on How To Get Away With Murder season 1! With this comes more questions for the students about Sam’s disappearance, after all, his disappearance is the talk of the town. Keep reading to find out what happened tonight on How To Get Away With Murder 2015!

Tonight’s episode started off with Annalise coming back from her mother’s house and finding Sam’s sister still in the house. When everyone gets back to the school, Connor fills them in on Sam’s sister being there and when Wes goes to talk to Annalise, they get a walk-in client. Someone claiming to h...

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