Geometry Dash Meltdown on the App Store

January 6, 2016 8:11 AM

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Geometry Dash Meltdown on the App Store

I really like this game. It feels very much like Geometry Dash. It's pretty obvious that all three levels in this game got inspiration from the first three levels in Geometry Dash (not Meltdown). I really like how it includes aspects from 2.0. However, it's a game made mainly for people who don't have the full version of Geometry Dash. If you have the full version, you'll know what I mean. You can't unlock all of the icons on Meltdown even if you have the full version, and you can't transfer the Meltdown exclusive levels or icons to the full version. And I'm not a big fan of getting an ad for a game (it shows ads of the full version) I already have every five deaths. I wish RobTop would make so in the next update onwards, if you have the full version of Geometry Dash, you won't get ads on Meltdown. All in all, it's a good game with awesome music and great levels, but it doesn't reward you if you have the full version. I'm giving this game 4/5 stars because it doesn't give much service to anyone who already has the full version. Also, the sound and music don't seem to work. I expect the sound to be fixed in the next update.

I have to admit, this game could be better, but not in very many ways. I agree with Dafunkyazn3's review. RobTop is only one person, and he can't accept all of these requests to make his game better, so give him a break! Although the levels are pretty easy, they are really fun! My personal favorite ...

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