Geoengineering not so great, so says Science

February 11, 2015 5:52 PM

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Two reports from the Nation Academy of Sciences (NAS) have arrived this week suggesting that so-called "geoengineering" isn't good for the planet. They suggest that the term "geoengineering" isn't a legitimate term, saying instead that the term "Climate Intervention" would be more appropriate. Why, you might ask, do they say that we shouldn't be trying to control the weather? It's simple: we don't yet know the consequences of our actions. Methods for changing our planet's makeup like albedo modification and carbon dioxide removal may still have dire consequences we don't yet understand.

One of the authors of these papers goes by the name Raymond T. Pierrehumbert. Several years ago, Pierrehumbert's lecture at the American Geophysical Union went a bit viral due to his suggestion that "certain geoengineering proposals" where nothing more than "barking mad."

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