The Gentrification of Bushwick -- As Told By 'East WillyB'

October 21, 2014 10:14 PM

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The Gentrification of Bushwick -- As Told By 'East WillyB'

Since I moved to Bushwick, New York in early 2013, I've witnessed the rapid neighborhood changes commonly identified as "gentrification." With Bushwick bordering the notoriously hipster home of Williamsburg, it's easy to recognize the changing social and economic landscape of Bushwick as a reflection of gentrified Williamsburg -- three dollar sign restaurants, rising rent and young freelancers posting up at coffee shops eating acai bowls. My rent alone for a three-bedroom apartment in Bushwick jumped to a $300 increase after one year. I wasn't lying when I said the changes are happening fast!

Williamsburg off the Bedford L stop has gotten so popular (and overpopulated), corporations such as Whole Foods, Madewell and Dunkin Donuts are moving in. The historic Domino Sugar Factory is getting torn down for new development and construction of another high rise condominium has started on Kent ...

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