Genius Tool Teaches You How To Grow Vegetables Anywhere, Like Inside Of A Solo Cup

March 12, 2015 2:24 PM

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Artichokes are a one-of-a-kind vegetable. They taste unlike anything else, but their unique flavor is mild enough that they can be really enhanced by certain preparations. Dipped in drawn butter, fried, grilled or mixed into a cheesy dip, artichokes are incredibly versatile, which makes it easy to eat them every day. If you're intimidated at the thought of cooking an artichoke, don't be. See here for our handy guide for dealing with this unapproachable vegetable, and next, check out these awesome artichoke recipes.

This delicate, slightly bitter leafy green makes excellent salads, refreshing crostini toppings and sharp sandwich fillers. It's not overly bitter like some other greens (we're looking at you, dandelion), but it's spicy enough to be interesting. See here for some arugula recipes that will make you f...

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