How Genes Can Influence Our Mood

July 6, 2014 6:24 PM

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How Genes Can Influence Our Mood

When Susan* first came to see me, she was feeling pretty low. She had debilitating fatigue, and her body ached all over. Susan had been prescribed an antidepressant, and it helped with her depression a little, but she was still constantly anxious and had difficulty concentrating. Everything seemed "life or death," her performance at work was declining, and she was afraid she would lose her job if things didn't change soon.

She had a surprisingly healthy diet, and considering how tired she was, she still got in some exercise. She was confused. "I'm doing the right things. Why do I still feel this way?" A friend of hers had similar symptoms and found out she had a problem with her thyroid, so Susan asked if we could do ...

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