A Generation Without a Past: The Lost Present

April 10, 2015 8:02 PM

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The present moment has been challenged to expand in spite of its limited capacity. Minute by minute, smartphone notifications from Facebook, Twitter, emails and other social media outlets, have imposed an entitled demand on what the present moment can offer. Unless we are traveling at the speed of light, time dilation is not an option. Although, there are situations when our brains slow down time to allow careful encoding of what is going on, such as during a car accident. Fortunately, life is not a series of car accidents, which means that a minute could only fuel sixty seconds worth of living.

We know from neuroscience that attention is a limited capacity, and multitasking does not mean an equal distribution of attentional resources to simultaneous tasks. What actually happens is attention shifts back and forth among these tasks. As attentional resources become scarce during the streaming...

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