Gene Simmons to today's young musicians & songwriters: "Don't quit your day job"

September 6, 2014 8:29 PM

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No matter the genre of music, the entire music industry is in a state of tension, disagreement, conforming and "selling out." Less and less songs seem to have the staying power of the old classics, whether we're examining today's country, pop, rap or rock music, etc. Additionally, the digital world has wrecked havoc on the creative world making it much more difficult for today's talents to make their living off their music. The formula for success once seemed to be: Be an extraordinary talent, put in the hard work, be different and develop connections. Now, aspiring musicians - no matter how talented, have a far far higher chance of "not making it" than "making it." Gene Simmons has never been shy to voice his thoughts. In an Esquire article dated Thus. Sept. 4, the KISS singer/bassist declared rock music "dead."

While Simmons was interviewed by his son Nick, he emphasized the downfall of the music genre he has greatly impacted.

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