Gay Serial, The Prospectives, Uses Instagram to Tell the Story of Gay Men in a Brand-New Way

November 4, 2014 11:34 PM

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Adam Hurly: A couple things came into play at once. First, I wanted to write something that people could read without having to go out of their way. I wanted to find them where they already were looking. Also, telling a story in small pieces seemed like a manageable endeavor. I had heard about an app called Wattpad; essentially it's a bunch of teenage girls writing fan fiction or romantic stories. And there are some 20-year-old writers on there who have millions of readers. Between classes they'd go publish a chapter -- unedited and with typos. Within hours they would have thousands of comments. I looked at what they were doing and thought, "They're pacing their creative projects in a really healthy way." The platform wasn't for me, but I thought I could adapt it to Instagram easily, so long as I had the perfect visuals. I immediately thought of illustrator Sam Kalda, a childhood friend and fellow Brooklyn resident.

AH: It was fairly easy. It's basically about people I might encounter in my own life and draws from the many experiences that my friends and I have had. This itself isn't a unique idea. My job was to create the characters and nuances and to tell a story that makes accurate observations, all while re...

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