A Gay Man's Comprehensive Guide to Reggae Music | David Munk

February 18, 2015 7:24 PM

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A Gay Man's Comprehensive Guide to Reggae Music | David Munk

Though it may strike you as something less than shocking coming from an analog, Fosse-loving gay guy like me, but I've never cared much for reggae music. Doesn't everyone like reggae? I like the idea of reggae, but even though I know I'm supposed to think it's awesome, frankly it just puts me to sleep with its repetitious, musically static directives to relax and enjoy life -- the musical antithesis of living in neurotic New York City. Perhaps I'm just too high-strung to appreciate its charms, but even when I used to smoke pot I got impatient waiting for chord changes that never came, or anything resembling an engaging vocal performance. Maybe that's why I decided to create the first Gay Man's Comprehensive Guide to Reggae Music. Though some may feel I am trading in stereotypes, my position on reggae is an honest reflection of my taste. I suppose anyone who uses criteria like a "vocal performance" when assessing a record, song, or entire genre of music, is constitutionally disinclined to like reggae much.

That said, I do actually like a reggae beat, especially in the hands of someone who isn't specifically a reggae artist, like the Police or Stevie Wonder; artists who can take the buoyant spirit of the island music and build an actual song around it. I realize to some people this is practically heres...

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