Game of Thrones recap: 'No One'

June 13, 2016 3:30 AM

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Cheers, chills, and the sound of online fan theories imploding. “No One” delivered Jaime Lannister’s finest scene in years, a thrilling chase, and set one Stark on an exciting new path. Though in some respects, “No One” could be short for “No One Shown Fighting.” The preview for Sunday’s episode teased a major Riverrun clash (which was cleverly averted), a King’s Landing fight with the Faith Militant (also avoided — aside from one fool who dared to mess with The Mountain), a Jaime vs. Brienne clash (nope), and we all expected an Arya vs. Waif fight to the death (which did indeed happen, although we didn’t see it — more on that later).

Braavos: Ever week there’s at least one new theory about what some GoT plotline really is about that gets circulated. The latest, and perhaps the most popular this season, was an idea that The Waif and Arya are somehow the same person due to The House of Black and White’s magic — that The Waif is ba...

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