Galactic Collision Revives Dead Galaxies

April 26, 2015 7:36 PM

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When two galaxies have a galactic collision and travel into each other, a massive amount of energy is released. Scientists have discovered that this is can be so intense that it revives nearby dead and dormant galaxies. However, it was also discovered by the team of scientists at Leiden Observatory that this revival of the previously dead stars may only be temporary. A dead or dormant galaxy is one that no longer is making new stars and is no longer expanding in size; it is thought to have used up all of its energy. Imaginably, Andra Stroe and David Sobral from the Leiden Observatory witnessed a galactic collision that brought a supposedly dead galaxy back to life, they were very excited.

Their study showed that when a galactic collision causes the two galaxies to travel into each other, it causes a huge shockwave, and this is what floods the area with energy, causing the dead or dormant galaxies to be infused with power bringing them back to life. The researchers watched a galactic ...

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