To Gain or Not to Gain: Dealing With Gastrointestinal Sensitivity and Weight

September 23, 2014 3:26 PM

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Your first instrument is sensitive and needs your love and attention. It will respond in the most amazing way. What you put inside this beautiful instrument, will give you fantastic rewards and joy. Or will give you pain and misery. You have a choice. Satisfaction comes in different colors and can be so temporary. If it is short term satisfaction, you have to repeat the performance to a devastating end. Are we talking about food? I think so. I'm on a soft food liquid diet. When my doctor told me, I didn't have a choice. Nothing compares to what my whole body went through.

How does one survive on a soft food liquid diet? I'd rather be dead. But survival is an amazing emotion. We learn how to deal with it and we become creative. First we suffer, then self pity, and then "why me?" That lasts for a short time, until we become inventive. Your taste buds give you the infor...

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