Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep

November 10, 2014 3:08 PM

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Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep

What you do: You and your partner fall asleep at the same time at night and wake up at around the same time each morning. What this could mean: Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh tracked the sleep patterns of 46 couples over a 10-day period, and also asked each person to assess their relationship. Those couples who had similar sleep patterns with their spouses tended to be the most satisfied with their relationships, the scientists reported at the SLEEP 2014 conference in June. This makes sense: Early birds can have the mornings to themselves, while night owls can bond with each other while everyone else is asleep. But does it mean that couples who slumber together stay together? "There's data that being satisfied in the marriage might lead to a longer, happier marriage," says study author Heather Gunn, PhD. "What we found is that concordant sleep may be a part of that picture."

What you do: You sleep tummy-side-down. What this could mean: Sleeping on your stomach, which is something 16 percent of us do, flattens the curve of the spine, which often leads to pain or stiffness the next day and back problems over time. It also forces you to twist your head to the side in order...

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