"Fury" Twists Through World War II Foot Soldier Carnage

October 18, 2014 7:05 AM

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"Fury" Twists Through World War II Foot Soldier Carnage

Brad Pitt (Wardaddy), a battle hardened fighter shoves the crew of the metal vehicle treading toward the symbolic River Styx. Pitt's newbie driver ("I was trained for sixty words per minute") Norman (Logan Leman) , who played Ham in "Noah," grows stubbornly into a soldier with less and less morality and greater kill to stay alive instincts.

Interestingly, Wardaddy himself has an inner line in the sand. He's rough yet protective of two civilian found in a structure. Alicia von Rittberg (Emma) and Anamaria Marinca (Imma) sit just south of trembling as Wardaddy and Norman survey their dwelling. It's a suspenseful game as the four eventual...

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