The 'Full House' Reboot: When Did TV Get So Dull?

April 2, 2015 10:42 PM

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The 'Full House' Reboot: When Did TV Get So Dull?

News today that Full House is likely to be revived on Netflix gave rise to a predictable eruption of excitement from the commentariat online. After all, to be on the mainstream of the Internet, run as it is by content creators in their twenties, is to be awash in nostalgia for the 1990s. But there is such a thing as getting too much of what one wants.

Already on Netflix is a reboot of the kids’ cartoon series Inspector Gadget, while the new Twin Peaks is meant to begin shooting this year. Fox has already brought back, for a limited run, 24 and is doing the same for The X-Files. Even Coach, of all things, is returning. The concept of bringing back...

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