Frontera: A Conversation About Immigration and an Essay on Grief

August 21, 2014 11:10 PM

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Michael Berry's timely new film, Frontera, is sure to stir controversy and conversation. Currently available on demand and through iTunes, Frontera opens in theaters on September 5th. The film's backdrop is the border between Mexico and Arizona where Ed Harris plays a retired Sheriff living on an expansive ranch with his wife (Amy Madigan). The couple have a deliberately independent and horse-centered life and one of their ongoing conversations centers on when Harris will fix the fence on their property which is constantly compromised by illegal border crossings. In one of the films opening scenes, Madigan is killed in a scuttle near the boarder, and all circumstantial evidence points toward Michael Pena. Pena plays a hard working Mexican family man crossing into Arizona with hopes of finding gainful employment and ideally helping his wife (Eva Longoria) join him in the US in time for their unborn child to be born as a US citizen.

"In my family, I'm the doer. I planned Dad's funeral, gave his eulogy, and was the only one who could hold a coherent conversation with our extended family and circle of friends. I kept the house stocked with food and made sure mom was eating and sleeping. I was back in the office two weeks later an...

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