When Friends Become Family | Lisa Page Rosenberg

February 23, 2015 4:58 PM

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When Friends Become Family | Lisa Page Rosenberg

After her husband passed away, I was lucky enough to inherit my neighbor, Miss Trudy. An elderly lady with no relatives, Miss Trudy now lived on her own, scooting around on crutches through her Craftsman bungalow. She had bad knees that would sometimes give out and couldn't support her weight going up and down stairs. When she left the house, it had to be in a wheelchair.

It had been years since Miss Trudy could drive, so I volunteered to take her to her appointments. Once a week or so, I would let myself in to the back door of her place and call out her name until she answered back. I would help her get dressed, and check to make sure she had all of her essentials t...

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