'Foxcatcher' Is A Distant Horror Story For The 1 Percent

November 13, 2014 3:13 PM

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'Foxcatcher' Is A Distant Horror Story For The 1 Percent

Jacobs: Even if you've followed "Foxcatcher" buzz since back when it was slated to open last December, Bennett Miller's ("Capote," "Moneyball") latest movie is still a shocking affair. You won't believe it's Steve Carell behind that honker of a prosthetic nose, with his head cocked back in misguided confidence and his chest puffed up in phony machismo. You'll blink a few times to register the surprise of seeing Channing Tatum's vulnerable waddle, which is as much an expression of a beefy wrestler as it is an insecure loner. And Mark Ruffalo commands such layers behind his performance -- it's softer than the others. Some may call it "normal" by comparison, but that doesn't make it any less dynamic. "Foxcatcher" is an actor's movie, and it contains each of the trio's career-best performances.

While watching "Foxcatcher," we are kept at a constant distance. It's an icy movie, one that might alienate some for its unsentimental, almost removed approach. I loved that about the film. It's a story of madness, wealth and loneliness wrapped into a portrait of a man whose inherited power made him...

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