Four 'Killer Apps' to Feel Less Overworked and Overwhelmed

October 6, 2014 3:34 PM

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Four 'Killer Apps' to Feel Less Overworked and Overwhelmed

In a "do more with less," hyper-connected world, it's easy to end up feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Your inbox is full, your calendar is racked and stacked, the boss wants you, the kids need you, and you still haven't found time this week to get to the grocery store. It's a lot to fit into a 168-hour week. Recent research from the Center for Creative Leadership shows that if you're a professional with a smartphone, you're likely connected to your work for 72 hours a week. And then let's say that you spend eight hours a day -- 56 hours a week -- on essentials like sleeping, eating and bathing. That leaves you with just 40 hours a week to do everything else you need or want to do. No wonder you feel overworked and overwhelmed!

If you feel this way, you're probably in a low grade state of chronic fight or flight. We all know how the fight or flight response can provide superhuman strength in an emergency or hyper awareness when we feel threatened. The problem is when it gets stuck in the on position and chronically high le...

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