Foster The People’s ‘Supermodel’: Album Review

March 19, 2014 10:13 PM

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The title alone of opening track “Are You What You Want To Be?” poses an important question for the ambivalent. To the tune of tribal drums and anthemic guitar licks, the song channels a ’70s rock vibe while still housing poppy chants. The theme continues with “Ask Yourself,” a mid-tempo exercise questioning the band’s fame. It feels like indie rock’s answer to Drake, where the looming question “Is it worth it?” hangs like a towel on a hotel doorknob, only FTP don’t seem to drown their sorrows in strippers. Their poison is still self-deprecation, but executed in the best way possible.

Supermodel‘s lead single “Coming Of Age” directs the attention toward their treatment of others, as they “leave a trail of death while moving ahead” and “seem to hurt the people that care the most.” It’s vulnerable, yet a hard idea to purchase when the band has endured monumental success in a relati...

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