Fossils Reveal Wacky Mammal Ancestors

February 12, 2015 9:13 PM

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Fossils Reveal Wacky Mammal Ancestors

The fossils of two notable species have been discovered in China: the oldest tree-dwelling mammal ancestor ever identified and the earliest subterranean mammal ancestor, which sports shovel-like paws. The findings reveal a diverse landscape of mammalian creatures some 160 million years ago. Here's a look at the new mammal discoveries. [Read full story about the mammalian fossil finds]

The fossil of the oldest tree-dwelling mammal ancestor, now dubbed Agilodocodon scansorius, was found preserved in two rock slabs (shown here). The specimens were found in 165-million-year-old lake sediments at the Daohugou Fossil Site of Inner Mongolia of China. When alive, the animal would have be...

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