Will Forte Can’t Stop (and He Hopes That Doesn’t Bother Anyone) «

February 27, 2015 8:18 PM

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Will Forte Can’t Stop (and He Hopes That Doesn’t Bother Anyone) «

Will Forte greets me outside the bathroom, extending his hand as I zip up my fly. We are at the production offices of his new television show on the far northwest side of the San Fernando Valley, and I’ve shown up early for our interview. It’s still 12 minutes until we’re scheduled to speak, but Forte is in the lobby shaking my hand and apologizing profusely for keeping me waiting. He hopes I’ll understand that he has to spend just a few more minutes overseeing the editing of the eighth episode of The Last Man on Earth, his postapocalyptic sitcom premiering Sunday on Fox. (The title more or less functions as a plot synopsis.) After that, Forte will give me all the time that I need. This winds up being nearly two and a half hours.

Forte is Last Man’s star, creator, writer, executive producer, and showrunner. Juggling all of these responsibilities — talking to me is merely the latest chain saw to be tossed into the air — seems exhausting, an assumption I base on the doggedly tired look in Forte’s eyes. Take all the time you ne...

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