December 15, 2014 5:18 PM

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A family member, work partner or friend has done something to you, something that you cannot even imagine getting past. This unfathomably painful act could have involved betrayal, deceit, manipulation, sexual misconduct, or even physical scars. Any invasion of our soul in which the agony goes so deep, leaving a negative imprint on our well-being, can make pardon unimaginable. We carry the gaping pain day after day, allowing it to consume us. It taints our perspectives on love and trust. But we cannot help it, because the situation moved us to the core. We feel we've been changed forever but don't like the feeling. The pain is heavy and poisonous. We want out. We wish we could erase the negativity, even if just a bit.

There is a way to erase the negativity and regain our freedom and wellbeing. What I am about to write may seem incomprehensible given the circumstances, but once we truly understand the depth and meaning of this concept, it actually becomes very empowering. In order to move on from pain, however app...

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