How to Forgive to Save Your Life

July 21, 2014 1:08 PM

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How to Forgive to Save Your Life

We all have a number of people to forgive: those who caused us pain in our past, who made us suffer or took our goodness for granted. Forgiveness comes more easily when we acknowledge its life-saving grace. Forgive comes from an Old English word originally meaning, "to give completely" or "to give up." In that sense when we forgive, we do give up: we forgo the anger, bitterness, and frustration that arise from retaining resentment against a person. We return these feelings to the universe and shun them from our personal energy field. Relinquished are the negative emotions and the brutal impact they have on our being. When we forgive, we detach.

Being unable to forgive is detrimental to our mind, body, and spirit. Emotionally, pent-up feelings increase in force and influence over our state of well-being: we become cynical, distrustful of others, and insecure in our faith. Mentally, they form clusters of neurons that begin to dominate though...

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