Forever the Supporting Role | Elaina Provencio

February 13, 2015 11:56 PM

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The characters in the films nominated for Best Picture this year are compelling, inspirational characters that evoke a powerful emotional response. These characters struggle against a harsh society that constantly attempts to repel that which is different. There are scientists who revolutionize their fields as we know it, but are oppressed by physical ailments and homophobia. A legendary reverend fights against racial oppression and leads a non-violent protest, sparking the Civil Rights movement. The theme is obvious, these characters are enigmatic heroes, and yet, not one is a woman.

In the documentary Miss Representation (2011) Marie Wilson the Founding President of the White House Project states "you don't have that many women really in leadership so the way that it gets done, to a certain extent, and the way problems get solved often have to do with Hollywood and the films th...

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