Food Marketing Matters | Mike Sheridan

July 2, 2014 5:54 PM

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Food Marketing Matters | Mike Sheridan

Not only does the government refuse to adjust a ridiculous food pyramid that's left more than one-third obese and two-third overweight, but they fail to regulate marketing and advertising efforts that should be illegal. Aside from the fact that companies can put "no trans fat" on their products if they keep the level under 0.5 grams, cereal companies can partner with heart associations and add "lowers cholesterol" to their box, and corn starch-filled yogurt brands can creatively market a probiotic from rat feces. I'm referring to the lack of regulation of in-your-face advertising. I'm pretty sure you didn't want a donut when you woke up, or a bag of Doritos and a 2-liter cola when you walked into the grocery store. As much as corporations can claim that it's personal choice, it's clear that we are impacted by food advertising.

With the addictive properties in wheat, fructose, and sugar, it's nearly as bad as waving a bag of crack in front of Tyrone Biggums!

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