Is It Food, Or Is It Foodiness? Let's Ask the Good Citizens of Idaho!

November 25, 2014 5:58 PM

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Down here in the Foodiness fallout shelter, we're very busy getting ready for the great American holiday devoted to overeating. We've got our turkey all picked out from the wild flock that just "wanders" onto the property right around this time every year, the cranberries have been harvested from the bog that camouflages the entrance to the fallout shelter, the pumpkins are picked and the film removed from inside of them. And, because the fallout shelter is underground, we can harvest the all the potatoes we need, right from the comfort of our e-z chairs! Just reach out and pluck one!

Over the last couple of years, on all the many and varied episodes of Let's Get Real, the radio show we broadcast from down here, we've discussed many different foods, and their Foodiness doppelgangers. But the humble, simple potato... somehow slipped right past us.

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