Food Fantasies Can Be Fattening

September 6, 2014 5:56 PM

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Food Fantasies Can Be Fattening

Do you ever have food fantasies? Do you know what I mean by a food fantasy? Perhaps just reading those two words together your mind started to wander. A food fantasy is when we start thinking about a particular food. We start picturing it in all it's glory. We might even play heavenly music in our heads that goes along with this image of the beloved food, and then we might even start salivating. Are you with me?

In his new book "Slim by Design," out this month via Harper Collins, Dr. Brian Wansink compiles many of his experiments on why we eat what we do for us to learn more about our eating behavior. Dr. Wansink is the head of the Food and Brand lab at Cornell University and the leading expert on eating be...

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