Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways – Album or TV Series?

November 19, 2014 10:03 AM

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According to the artist, the previous album, Wasting Light (released in 2011), was mostly made in Grohl’s garage and the challenge for the latest was that he wanted ‘’to take the band out of our comfort zone’’, considering it an experiment of how the environment would influence the process of creation. As Dave had previously directed the documentary Sound City (2013), he used his former experience in the case of Sonic Highways, and chose to make not a single movie, but an eight episodes series based on their journey in different cities and studios, stating that ‘’the environment changes the shape of a sound’’ (the interviewer’s remark).

When asked to describe the fashion in which the surroundings can influence music, Dave Grohl pointed that there are numerous factors which trigger the difference and help support the final outcome: ‘’It could be the room, it could be the studio, it could be the board, it could be the city, it could ...

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