FOMO in the Information Age

December 5, 2014 8:23 PM

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Among the casualties of social networking are those suffering from FOMO, the chronic and debilitating condition of "the fear of missing out" in a world where social activity seemingly takes place in droves, within packs of the elite's synchronized coolness standing on verdantly superior grass. For those of us older than twenty this fear goes largely unrecognized accustomed as we were to a teenage world in which hanging out together meant three of us around a record player and a party comprised maybe ten at someone's house. But social exclusion is a genuine concern for today's youth as it moves en masse, like shoals of fish on the hunt for individuality.

However, in the Information Age FOMO has metastasized into a secondary worry for us of the older age dynamic, and that is the fear that we should be abandoned as waifs of ignorance when it comes to being informed. The accessibility to news and events that we now experience globally has become a need...

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