'Focus’ Review: The Hitch is Back

February 25, 2015 6:37 PM

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'Focus’ Review: The Hitch is Back

The problem with Will Smith, if there even is one, is that there is absolutely no problem with Will Smith. As a leading man, he is the consummate movie star: funny and sexy, believable yet somehow approachable. And yes, he really can act. He was marvelous in Ali. But we don’t necessarily want him to. Sometimes we just want him to be an affable charmer in a movie that doesn’t suck.

So it’s been frustrating to watch this generation’s heir apparent to Cary Grant fall headlong into wrongheaded high-concept dramas (Seven Pounds), forgettable sequels (Men in Black III), embarrassing vanity projects (After Earth) and someone else’s embarrassing vanity projects (Winter’s Tale). The l...

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