Flying Solo

November 10, 2014 10:15 PM

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A few days ago, I strolled into a nearby café, got my favorite beverage and nestled into a cozy brown leather seat with my steaming caffeinated companion. While casually glancing around, I noticed a little girl sitting not too far away, pointing my way and saying something to the effect of, "Mummy look, that lady has no friends." Don't you love how candid kids can be sometimes? Surprisingly, my first reaction was one of slight embarrassment, even though sitting solo or engaging in lone activities was anything but unfamiliar to me. Having lived away from my immediate family since the age of 18 in different parts of the world, and becoming quite independent as a result, having coffee alone was a common ritual. So what was the problem? Was it because I was being unfairly and inaccurately judged? As I began fidgeting with my phone to reconnect with my 2367 friends on Facebook in order to eliminate unconscious insecurities about my solitary status, I began thinking about our perception, preoccupation and preference for moving in groups. Is going solo so sad?

We're all, to some extent, guilty of flaring the taboo surrounding unaccompanied activities. Giving the friendless woman at the cinema sideway stares while wondering and sympathizing with her minus one position. Or labeling the man at a dining establishment an oddball only because he's enjoying a ch...

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