Florida Doctor Questions the Efficacy of Robotic Surgeries for Prostate Cancer

August 7, 2014 2:45 PM

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The development of new technology in medicine is a long and laborious process involving public and private organizations. Every new product has to be scrutinized to ensure it has the least amount of side effects possible to the wider population. Even with these parameters in place, there are times in which a drug, device or procedure that has been approved after thorough investigation proves to be detrimental to patients. Dr. Bert Vorstman MD, MS, FAAP, FRACS, FACS, a Board Certified urological surgeon specializing in prostate cancer has challenged the robotic surgical system used for prostatectomies.

Even though we would like to think the healthcare industry as a whole and the professionals that provide many of the services to patients around the world are infallible, the truth of the matter is they are just human beings. This means mistakes will be made and policies will be put in place without...

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