Florentijn Hofman's Big Bunny Burns Up

September 16, 2014 12:29 PM

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Florentijn Hofman's Big Bunny Burns Up

The oversize rabbit was part of the Taoyuan Land Art Festival in northern Taiwan, and had drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors on a daily basis during the 11 day event, with nearly 2.5 million visitors in total for the festival as a whole (see “Florentijn Hofman Unleashes Moon Rabbit Sculpture“). The sculpture is inspired by a Chinese folk tale about a rabbit who serves Chang’e, a goddess who lives on the moon.

Unfortunately, the rabbit’s fiery end was no intentional, Burning Man-style ritualized destruction (see “Tech Nerds and Flashy Art at Burning Man“). Authorities believe that a spark from a hoist or chainsaw ignited the conflagration, which destroyed most of the piece. The charred remains include one...

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