The Florence Academy of Art in New York

September 10, 2014 10:39 PM

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The Florence Academy of Art in New York

The Florence Academy of Art is a premier, world-renowned institution for advancing the techniques of classical painting. Talented individuals have been traveling to Italy to seek out the school and it's teachings for over 20 years, in fact the FAA is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year by releasing a book of paintings and sculptures from the hands of those it has taught. What you may not know is that the Florence Academy of Art is coming to New York, in more ways than one. As the interest in paintings, which utilize skill based training and techniques has grown, the FAA is answering the demand with a new campus.

Daniel Graves, founder of The Florence Academy of Art, traveled to Florence to seek out the skills, the techniques, the secrets of the Old Master's themselves. I have heard lots of people say they have sought out the techniques, but this man not only sought them out, he mastered them. He moved his f...

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