The Flash "Tricksters" Review

April 1, 2015 4:54 AM

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This week's episode was a great balance of what comic book characters were and what they have become now. Back before Christopher Nolan, or heck maybe even Tim Burton with his Batman, comic book villains and heroes seemed to be a bit more lighter-toned. The villain's schemes didn't make much sense and could pull almost anything out of thin air at any time. They've developed now into more character-based villains (the good ones at least) with strong motivation to hunt down our heroes and have more of a personality because of it. Great newer villains like Komodo show that the industry has forever shifted into a more realistic approach. One could argue that it's fading out, but it's clear that it's imprint will never leave. Otherwise, I argue, the Flash's suit would have been the typical bright red and we wouldn't have villains constantly dressed in civilian clothing (Reverse Flash and Gorilla Grodd notwithstanding).

The problem can stem from when things go too far, when things get forced. If a villain or hero pushes past their boundary and tries to do too much, it feels wrong and therefore takes us out of the story. Villains such as this show's Captain Cold and Heat Wave are a fun fit for the show because their...

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