The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Tricksters

April 1, 2015 1:05 AM

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A suburban street is seen at night, as the words 15 years ago appear. Suddenly, both The Flash and The Reverse Flash speed out of what looks like some kind of portal. Meanwhile, Nora Allen finishes putting young Barry to bed and pours herself a glass of wine. All of a sudden, the wine starts to float out of Nora’s glass. The chase between the two speedsters reaches the Allen house, shattering the windows, and continues around Nora. The Flash and the Reverse Flash suddenly head straight for young Barry.

In the present, Barry shows Joe a board he has made full of information on Harrison Wells, similar to the murder board from the pilot. They discuss how little the both know about Wells. Barry is concerned about Well’s intentions towards him. “Do you think that he wanted me to become The Flash?” They...

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