The Flash: "Who is Harrison Wells?" Trailer BREAKDOWN! Reverse Flash, Black Canary, Wells exposed and MORE!

April 15, 2015 9:31 AM

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Two weeks. Two weeks since the last episode of The Flash, a time of despair and darkness (thankfully some new superhero TV filled the void). Now, Arrow and The Flash are back, and back for good until they hit their finales! Episode 19 is a time for some major development in both shows, so if you want to see the equivalent breakdown for Arrow, see here. It's my custom to provide a spoiler buffer- and what better than what is without a doubt the greatest TV promo in history, Superhero Fight Club? So amazing! After this, full spoilers for All Star Team Up and minor spoilers for the next episode (I mean really minor, the kind you can see in trailers) follow.

That never fails to be awesome, does it? The best part about its enormous success and love from fans is we're bound to see similar things in the future- I sure wouldn't mind a sequel! Anyway, here's what you're actually here for- the trailer for Flash, Episode 19, Who is Harrison Wells?

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