The Flash Episode 15 Recap, Out of Time

March 18, 2015 5:14 AM

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The Flash Episode 15 Recap, Out of Time

We start out the episode one year ago, the night the particle accelerator exploded. The Mardon brothers get in their airplane and take off just as it erupts, ripping their plane apart and sending them to the ground. In the present, Barry and Linda go to the bowling alley on a date where they run into Eddie and Iris who are also on a date. Both couples agree to make it a double date and Linda, with her hightened senses of observation as a journalist, notices the subtle acts of flirtation between Barry and Iris. Meanwhile at the Central City Coroner’s office, an autopsy is taking place until one Mark Mardon appears asking who killed his brother. He uses his weather powers and fires some tiny clouds at the Coroner which would be cute if they didn’t appear so painful.

Simultaneously at STAR Labs, Wells and Cisco are watching the Buster Keaton movie “The Cameraman.” Wells makes a sly reference to the movie being “before his time,” and then asks Cisco about his family situation. He relays that their relationship isn’t so hot anymore. Back at the bowling alley, Eddi...

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