Five Stages of Anti-Semitism in Art--From Medieval to Modern Times | Bernard Starr

February 19, 2015 4:01 PM

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Renaissance art stripped Jesus, his family, and close followers of their Jewish identity. That fact can be easily verified by a tour of any Renaissance art gallery, exhibit, or by examining books that display religious paintings from the Renaissance. You will be greeted in these experiences by images of dedicated first-century orthodox Jews (as clearly described in the Gospels) transformed into Renaissance-era Christians by physical appearance, settings, and artifacts. A graphic example is Pietro Perugino's fifteenth-century painting, Baptism of Christ.

The fact that John the Baptist is holding a crucifix as he baptizes Jesus tells the viewer that this is a Christian conversion. The anachronistic presence of other later-day Christian figures emphasizes this baptism as a Christian event. But this image is a falsification of biblical history. It was ...

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