Five on the Floor: Simplicity, Drums & Whiplash

February 2, 2015 10:38 PM

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It's that time of year when we scramble, post-holidaze, to catch up on all the Oscar-nominated films we haven't seen yet. It's inevitably a lot of screen time, some of which I recently packed into a classic NYC snowmagedocalypse (please stop coining these terms, humans). My double feature was this year's best example of clichéd, yawn-inducing tedium, The Imitation Game; and Whiplash, a brutal love story of art, education, passion and terror. I have no idea how the former amassed so many nominations, but since I've already made my stance on award season pomp known, let's get straight to the drumming.

Whiplash is about drums, an instrument that I am not even close to proficient on. My father did a stint in a weekly Latin jazz jam session before "retiring" in favor of pottery, which in its tactility and fluidity resembles the rhythm of the kit, but my ancestral connection to the skins ends there. ...

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