What a Fisherman Can Teach the Alpha Male and Woman

November 11, 2014 8:33 PM

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Walk around some areas of Central London on a weekday and you will notice the alpha male and female. They are the people who give the impression of being extremely important and are so preoccupied with their own office sanctuaries that they resemble robots for whom it is a badge of honor to be busy, over-worked and stressed out. I often wonder what happiness is for them. We live in a society where who you are is no longer determined by who you are as a person but by what you do and what you have. London is becoming a city for the rich and powerful and, as a result, it runs the risk of losing its soul -- that much-needed balance that every big city needs. It is as if Central London is a place solely for those who are exceedingly and ostentatiously wealthy.

I was recently having dinner with a friend of mine, a successful lawyer in her early 30s. You could call her an alpha female. She works every hour of the day till she burns out, and she refuses to date outside her social circle. She also would not go out with someone who earned less than her and is ...

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