The First Hasidic Rock Band

August 13, 2014 3:48 PM

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The First Hasidic Rock Band

Last week an all female post-punk band played on the lower east side. No big deal you think? Well they were hasidic women, and as their religion stipulates, no men were allowed to watch them so it was an all girls act to an all girls audience. I applaud the work of the all female Hasidic rock band Bulletproof Stockings. I'm glad that they exist in the world and have garnered so much media attention. However, Bulletproof Stockings are not the first Hasidic rock band to play in secular venues (perhaps the first all female Hasid band to do so). In 1993 I was 15 years old, and playing in various shitty punk bands. One night I went to catch a friend's band, called Mind Sounds, at Club Bené in New Jersey. The unforgettable headlining act that night was called the Mohels (pronounced "moy-als").

Like anyone living in New York, I can't help but be intrigued by the Hasidic community. They wear a never-changing uniform of all black trench coats, beards and payot in 100-degree weather. The women wear wigs and I've never seen a female hasidic in pants. They have a strict dress code and mostly ke...

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