First Curation of the New Year: Wini Brewer

January 5, 2015 5:04 PM

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It can put me in a weird place when asked to participate in a show as an artist or curatrix. A lot of the time, I feel it's more about the asker, who hopes I'll fall into the trap of shameless self-promotion and by extension give their project exposure, rather than it being about a bigger picture of how we mesh. I am naturally a bit wary of people who offer me things and want me involved in their projects-maybe I have watched too many Lifetime movies and telenovelas, but I pretty much suspect ulterior motives from people, so I end up saying no more often than yes. Creating an art piece takes a certain focus that takes me out of my writing headspace, which is why I only showed twice this year (and not in shows I curated). I curated seven shows in 2014 and turned down as many, trusting my gut more than my brain (and I don't always write about shows I'm doing--whether as an artist or a curator). By the time January 2015 draws to a close, I will be into my ninth curation, relying on instinct more than intellect to make my choices, and on what brains I have along with some elbow grease to do this.

In 2013 I took Curators College, six-week class in curation from Coagula Curatorial owner (and fellow HuffPo contributor) Mat Gleason, which is where I met Wini Brewer. Mat paired us up to curate a one-night show using art pulled from his office storage space. Wini was the oldest person in the class...

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