The First Building Block of Conscious Relationships | Pamela Dussault

February 24, 2015 8:42 PM

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The way to a joyful, loving and fulfilling union starts with the self. Who-you-really-are, deep at the core of your being, is essential to be in touch with in order to then establish the soul-based partnership you desire. However, discovering who you really are isn't always that easy. Our ego-mind loves to distort the truth in ways that either makes us better than or less than others. I found that this search for who-you-really-are becomes much easier if you first clarify who-you-are-not. You need to peel away any false layers to reveal the real truth hidden within.

Clarifying who-you-are-not means to become aware of your attachments to your identity. Identities are often labels we assign to ourselves for good or for bad. These labels may have been in place since childhood or perhaps they are newly assigned. Either way, we inadvertently assume the characteristi...

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