Finding the Light Before the End of the Tunnel

October 15, 2014 8:00 PM

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Finding the Light Before the End of the Tunnel

"I know you want to go this party. Believe I want more than anything to go too. I know we're running late, but I can't help it. By body is slow and weak and its dark in this tunnel and hard to see. I'm worried I might trip on a rock or something. Our friends were lucky that they could just take the road to get there. But we'll make it eventually. Look, it's just up ahead at the end of this tunnel and I can see the light..."

The cancer diagnosis leads us to expect one of two concrete conclusions; either we will be cured or we will not. But it occurs to me when thinking about the future, especially in the context of cancer, that the only end that is truly concrete is death. And that is an awful thing to focus on. So inst...

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