Finding 'Home' in Laura Borneman's Mixed Genre Work

April 13, 2015 8:36 PM

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There were three distinct bodies of work: A hundred or so miniature houses made from plaster and stacked precariously on top of each other; a large life-sized "shack" that one could actually walk into, but which was equally fragile; and small delicate wooden sticks, also reminiscent of small houses, that came off the wall. Standing before the various bodies of work I could not decide what I was looking at, but instead of being confused, I was excited: I had never seen someone so effectively succeed in insinuating the mediums of painting and sculpture onto and into one another. In Laura Borneman's work, I felt, there was a sharp refutation of something that I had been hearing a lot of lately, that both painting and sculpture were "dead" genres of art. Even more impressive was the fact that this work, so fully realized and mature in its assertion, was Borneman's thesis show for her MFA degree from the MFAST Program at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Laura Borneman hails from Buffalo, New York, and has finally, after years of wandering, "returned home." By this I mean, she has returned to living in Buffalo, New York, after years of wandering around the United States; and her work quite tangibly is all about the idea of "home": Where home is, how...

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